About Scotland's Information

Scotland's Information is a service for identifying, locating, and accessing the content of Scotland's archive, library and museum collections.

The service is maintained by the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC).

The service was developed by the Centre for Digital Library Research (CDLR) at the University of Strathclyde.

For a description of the service, see Mapping Scotland's information.


The map markers for archive, hybrid, library and museum locations were created by Benjamin Keen (http://www.benjaminkeen.com/).

The captions for subject topics are supplied by OCLC Dewey Services (http://www.oclc.org/uk/en/dewey/default.htm).

The collection and location information is supplied, in the main, by the archives, libraries and museums themselves.


The service cannot guarantee the accuracy or currency of the information it provides.

Considerable effort is made to maintain and improve quality, but no responsibility for the consequences of using this information will be accepted by any individual or institution associated with the service.

Please contact Gordon Dunsire (Consultant) or Gillian Hanlon (SLIC) to suggest amendments to the information, or for general enquiries about the service.